Dubai tour guide

Dubai is mostly used as a stopover destination for travelers flying in and out on Emirates. While Dubai can easily be a stopover city where you hit the big sites in a couple of days, there’s a surprising amount of things to do here for those looking to spend more time.

The city of Dubai has risen from the desert sands, a futuristic metropolis that is fast becoming one the world's top destinations. Dubai is a place where everything is possible and can boast some of the world's most recognizable and exciting attractions. With a range of tours to choose from you can be assured of an incredible stay. Head up high to view the world from the top of the Burj Khalifa, or take to the desert sands with on a safari. Indulge in some theme park thrills at Ferrari-World or step back into Dubai's rich past at the gold or spice souks. A trip on a Dhow cruise or 60-minute Yellow boat ride or choose from various exclusive hop-on-hop-off tours to enjoy the stunning beaches completes your magical time here. Dubai is a city where indulgence and relaxation are essential requirements, add in some tours, and you have the perfect mix